El Molinar

This apartment is situated a few meters from the seafront at El Molinar. A comprehensive reform has resulted in the elimination of walls in order to connect different areas of the house, such as the living area. 

An important aspect of this reform has been to create an exterior terrace with a large window in the kitchen area allowing a great deal of light to enter the room and provide the house with a feeling os ample spaciousness. 

A further large window allows the connection of one of the bedrooms to the terrace. In addition, a bookshelf and a fireplace have been strategically placed, thus demarcating the living area and adding to its coziness. 

As for the materials used, we have chosen natural stone for the flooring and natural oakwood in the kitchen and entrance. The original wooden beams  have also been preservedt in the living area.

Surface: 120m2

Year: 2016